A glance at London Olympics 2012 Schedule



This version of the ‘London Olympics’ main logo was designed by Wolf Olins, a brand consultancy based in London, New York City, and Dubai.

In June 2007, a poll conducted by the BBC showed heavy negative public reaction regarding the logo. Criticism from several news agencies is also reported.

According to a BBC article, “London 2012 will see the biggest anti-doping operation in the history of the Olympic Games.

Half of all the competitors are to be tested for drugs, with 150 scientists set to take 6,000 samples between now and the end of the Paralympic Games. Every competitor who wins a medal will also be tested.”


  • Building the venues and infrastructure                     :  £5.3 billion
  • Elite sport and Paralympic funding                         :  £400 million
  • Security and policing                                            :  £600 million
  • Regeneration of the Lower Lea Valley                    :  £1.7 billion
  • Contingency fund                                                 :  £2.7 billion
  • VAT                                                                    :  £800 million
  • Motto                                                                  :  Inspire a Generation
  • Number of participating Nations                             :  204
  • Estimated No of participating Athletes                    : 10,500
  • Number of events                                                  :  302
  • Number of sports                                                   :  26
  • Opening ceremony                                                :  27 July, 2012
  • Closing ceremony                                                  : 12 August, 2012

Here are the 26 sports and a total of 39 disciplines:   

1. Aquatics        

Diving (8)

Swimming (34)

Synchronized swimming (2)

Water polo (2)

2. Archery (4)   

3. Athletics (47)   

4. Badminton (5) 

5. Basketball (2) 

6. Boxing (13)   

7. Canoeing        

Sprint (12)

Slalom (4)

8. Cycling        

BMX (2)

Mountain biking (2)

Road (4)

Track (10)

9. Equestrian       

Dressage (2)

Eventing (2)

Jumping (2)

10. Fencing (10)   

11. Field hockey (2)   

12. Football (2)   

13. Gymnastics       

Artistic (14)

Rhythmic (2)

Trampoline (2)

14. Handball (2)  

15. Judo (14)   

16. Modern pentathlon (2)   

17. Rowing (14)   

18. Sailing (10)   

19. Shooting (15)   

20. Table tennis (4)   

21. Taekwondo (8)   

22. Tennis (5)   

23. Triathlon (2)   

24. Volleyball       

Volleyball (2)

Beach volleyball (2)

25. Weightlifting (15)   

26. Wrestling       

Freestyle (11)

Greco-Roman (7)

Football at the 2012 Summer Olympics

Football is scheduled to be held from 25 July to 11 August. It is not just being held in London, the host city of the Olympics, but in six venues across the whole country:

City of Coventry Stadium (Out-of-London venues)

The stadium is located within a multi-purpose complex that hosts a variety of entertainment, sports and business events. This is one of the permanent venues specially constructed for London 2012.  After the London 2012 Games, the stadium will continue to host Coventry City matches.

Hampden Park (Out-of-London venues)

Hampden Park is Scotland’s national stadium. It ranks as one of the greatest football stadia the world. The stadium will host eight games in the Olympic Football tournament, five women’s matches and three men’s.

Millennium Stadium (Out-of-London venues)

The Millennium Stadium is located on the banks of the River Taff right in the heart of the Welsh capital, Cardiff. The venue is Wales’ national stadium and home of the Welsh national rugby team.

Old Trafford (Out-of-London venues)

This is also named as ‘Theatre of Dreams’ by football legend Bobby Charlton. The stadium is home to Manchester United Football Club. This was also the venue when the new Wembley Stadium was under construction.

St. James’ Park (Out-of-London venues)

St James’ Park is the oldest football ground in north-east England, having hosted a football match as early as 1880, and is among the largest football stadia in the UK.

The stadium has been the home ground of Newcastle United since 1892, and also has experience of hosting international football matches.

Wembley Stadium (London venues)

Wembley is one of the most famous stadia in the world. It has hosted some of the most memorable sporting moments in history. It is also the largest of the six venues hosting the London 2012 Olympic Football tournament.

Report by: Sumedha Manabarana
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