Faith integral part of religion

Religion is not always related to God. It does not confine into certain group of community who follows long-term exercised custom. Many times, Spreading love is a religion, loving someone more than yourself is a religion, Showering happiness is a religion. Needless to say, Religion is followed by faith. Faith is nothing but the highest degree of believing in somebody. Without faith a religion is like: A soul without body; a room without a book; a life without a friend. In fact, faith leads you to concentration, concentration leads you to motivation and motivation leads you to inspiration. If you have been an  inspiration for any single person on earth, you may be counted ‘born’ on this earth! If we try to be an inspiration with all positive energies for each other, the life might be simple and beautiful.

By:  Siddharth Malkania,

Travel Photographer@ Cosmic Travel Hub


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