Forest Research Institute: Photos

Travel to north-india has always been a center attraction for me. It has variety in food, architecture, culture and nature as well. While travelling to my friend’s house at Dehradun, I was insisted to visit Forest Research Institute surroundings of Doon Valley which comes under ‘Dehradun Tourism’ and fall under the category of ‘Dehradun Tourist Place’. I did not want to visit it. I am more interested in photographing street life. Though, I did not want to make my friend feel bad. I took my DSLR Kit. We left in the first half after having some fruits.  I paid not more than 10 Rs. for ticket. Well, the moment I got into the main garden of FRI, I was surprised by its beauty. I could not wait to photograph it.  I made some nice photos and my friend smiled at me.  I realized that It would have been a mistake, If I had continued my journey without visiting this place.

Anyway, I bought a piece of booklet containing the information of FRI which goes like… “Forest Research Institute (FRI) is located in the north-west centre of the city, on the Kaulagarh Road. Sprawling over an area of around 2000 acres, this research institute was established in 1906.

The main attraction of this institute is the building itself, which has been constructed in Greco-Roman colonial style. This building houses six museums related to forestry, which include museums on social forestry, pathology, silviculture, timber, non-wood forest products and entomology.

In addition, the place also houses a Botanical Garden, which is a popular picnic spot among travellers. Besides, inside the estate, there is Indira Gandhi National Forest Academy that trains probationer officers of the Indian Forest Service.”

Photos by: Siddharth, Travel Photographer@ Cosmic Travel Hub


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