Holi 2013 India

What is the first expression comes into your mind about India? It is colors! Many travellers are interested to photograph  colors here. You can find different varieties of colors in every kind of stuff.  People buy the stuffs with different colors by considering the different weather conditions.  Many of you might differ with my observation.

Well, many of you might have heard about Holi festival in India. It is a festival of colors.  People apply colors on each others’ faces on this day. They exchange greetings and sweets. Every state in India has its own variety of celebrating Holi. The holi at Mathura is widely famous. Mathura falls under the Uttar Pradesh territory. It is not far away from city of Taj Mahal, Agra. Mathura is a birth place of Lord Krishna. He used to play holi with all his friends. This festival has significance of  winning good spirit over bad ones. People use herbal colors and sing songs in the temples of Mathura. They celebrate it for a week there. People meet their friends and hug each other after applying colors. It creates harmony and integrity in the society. Holi is going to be celebrated on 27th March 2013. It has started in Mathura already. I visited Mathura for one day only last day. I managed to get some shots for you.

Mathura Holi 2013

It is a big pond near birth place of Lord Krishna. There are different versions about it. It was meant for taking bath there.

Holi in March 2013

People of Mathura show exhibitions every day in the local market. Little kids pose like Lord Krishna and throw flowers and colors in the air.

Mathura holi 2013

One of the performers in the exhibitions of Holi 2013 India.

Holi in March 2013

Little Kids are posing as followers of Lord Krishna and exhibiting themselves in the local market of Mathura.

Mathura holi 2013

An exhibitor is wearing glasses against colors.

Holi in March 2013

A little girl is posing as follower of Lord Krishna.

Famous Festival of India

A little kid is posing as Lord Krishna and showering flowers in the local market of Mathura, India.

holi in march 2013

Holi in March 2013

Holi in March 2013

People celebrating Holi 2013 in Mathura, India.

Photos by: Siddharth Malkania


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