Happy moment…


When is your happy moment in life?

When you are able to satisfy your sensual desire?

e.g. Get a new car, a new bungalow, a luxury watch, a limited edition bag,latest fashion, a promotion, a new-born baby, strike lottery,  cash saving in bank, luxurious food, delicious dessert, compliments…..

Contemplate about it…

Are you truly happy?

How long the happiness can last?

Can you be happy without the external attachment?

Once you achieve your dream list, are you slow down or immediately you pursuit your next goal?

Are you living at present?

Are your mind in peace?

When the mind in total peace and free, “I wish for NO WISH”, we enjoy the happiest moment in life.

Imagine, you are in the forest, your mind is just like a lake without any waves.

How happy you are! How free you are! How peaceful you are!

You do not need to depend…

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