Love to walk with you!

Love to walk with you!.

Love to walk with you!

Holidays at beaches in India


Photo by: Siddharth Malkania

Travel Photographer@ Cosmic Travel Hub

Why India to travel?

India as a Mystery: What arouses the curiosity of
many travelers to visit India, of course, It is its splendor and its capacity
for surviving the ravages of Time. The great Poet Alama Iqbal says: “The great
civilizations of Greece, Rome and Egypt have vanished from this earth. However,
the unique identity of Indian Civilisation has survived. There must be
something which preserves our Identity despite the ravages of Time.”  India thus becomes a reality and not an

Visit to India: Visiting India has never been
just a journey for a traveler. It is not so much a journey but an experience.
It is believed that world is divided into two parts- those who have been to
India and can’t wait to get back, and those who have never been and would not
dream of going.

Where to visit:
It does matter
when you have to decide where to go and what to do because there is no such
thing as instant India. When Mumbai Swelters, Kashmir is freezing, and when the
old hill stations are delightfully temperate, cool drinks are mostly wished to
have on the southern beaches. You can reach almost every part of India daily by
flying with Indian Airlines. India is not just a country but a continent. No
one can describe India in one line or in one piece of writing. Unless you have
unlimited time, you must choose your destination to help yourself in
understanding it.

CTH(Cosmic Travel Hub): CTH team believe in its thought
i.e. “traveling leads to discovery,
discover your destiny”
 . We suggest you that don’t try to understand India as
a tourist. It would take two lifetimes to do that. Just let the customs and
traditions flow over you it will help you to discover India more because in
India everything is a contradiction: confusion on the surface, noise and
secretiveness, mixed with an almost total lack of privacy. We facilitate our
every guest traveler in understanding India and exploring every part of India

Rajasthan: The very name Rajasthan means the
home of Kings which is every tourist’s romantic picture of India.

Goa: Goa offers astonishing discovery
of the great age of the European presence in India. St. Francis Xavier begun
his missions here to the East and where his body still lies in the massive Bom
Jesus Church.

Kerala: Kerala in India is aquatic,
peaceful and filled with brilliant colours.

Delhi: Delhi is the only one of India’s
great cities which seems to have always been centre of action. Delhi did not
just happen-It was just made!

Agra: No Tourist would like to ever
miss a visit to Agra. If Mumbai is the future and Delhi is present, Agra is
India’s past. A past which has been so romantic and pregnant with memories of
Taj Mahal. A monument of love built by Shah Jehan to the memory of his wife and
beautiful queen, Mumtaz Mahal.

Fatehpur Sikri: The colossal capital which Akbar
built as a toy and where he sat playing chess with slave girls.

Khajuraho:  Go back to the thousand years and visit 85
temples of Khajuraho, with their curved togetherness of erotic scenes. It is
said that Khajuraho is either pure pornography or just pure, depending on your
own viewpoint or perception. 

Varanasi (Banaras): Varansi (Banaras) was already
old when Jerusalem was a sheperd’s village. It is strange, disturbing,
uncomfortable and almost totally incomprehensible. The beauty of this place is
its Ghats. You should stand at dawn near the Ghats leading down to the holy
Ganges and witness the outward manifestations of a religion. Religion is a way
of life which belongs to the hearts and minds of all Indians.

Mumbai: It is India’s materialistic
Mecca where the prevailing religion is making a rupee. More than Twenty per
cent of India’s heavy industry is here.

Kashmir: Kashmir does not need any
introduction. It is supported by one statement from Mughal Emeror Jehangir
itself. When Jehangir was on his deathbed, his attendants asked him if there
was anything he wanted. “Only Kashmir,” he whispered. “Only

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