Camel Fight in Turkey- An Ancient Practice

#CamelWrestling is a traditional sport which is very famous along the west coast of #Turkey. Male camels from local villages are pit against each other in a dusty stadium. The days leading to the ground fight is an exciting one for the Turkish people.

#Camelfighting originated among ancient #Turkictribes over 24,00 years ago, probably started as a form of competition between noman caravans in the Middle East. At one point of time the government of Turkey began discouraging the practice characterizing it as too backwards of practice.


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Blue Pond in Japan

The #BluePond is located in the left bank of the #RiverBieigawa, southeast of the town of Biei in #Hokkaido, Japan, about 2.5 Km northwest from the Platinum hot springs at the foot of Mt. Tokachi.

The pond gets its name from the unnaturally bright blue hue of its water. With tree stumps protruding from the sruface of the water, not unlike Lake Kaindy, the Blue pond has an etheral and enchanting apprearance.


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Songkran Festival in Thailand

Songkran Festival is very popular festival in Thailand. It is celebrated as an official start of summer runs in the month of April. People splash water to celebrate this festival by elephant, toy gun and water cans!

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Do you know?

The Belz Hasidic dynasty is one of the largest Hasidic movements in the world. It was standing room only in Jerusalem as the heir to one of the most important Jewish ultra-orthodox families, Shalom Rokeach, married his 19 year old bride Hannah Batya Penet, in front of 25,000 guests.





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Love to walk with you!

Holidays at beaches in India


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India Gate

India Gate.